Thank you to the team captains that play @ Loose Rack

BCAPL- Brett Parks, Dan Nichols, Kevin Semchee, Madison Underwood, Jennifer Riebe-Grady, April Eader, Davene Parks, and Nicole Lassiter


VNEA- Scott "Hammer" Hammit, Jeremy Cavender, Jack Braun, Vince Mileto Jr.


BCAPL- Carl "Butch" Hileman, Chachi, Brenden Wolford, and Anthony DelliSanti


BCAPL- Kevin Semchee, Davene Parks, Dan Nichols, Alex Magnolia, Meredith Rufener, Chachi, Brenden Wolford


APA- Kenny Bennett and Ellie Haynes

Our house league is our own: Loose Rack Pool League. We sanction our members through the BCA Pool League. We have expanded to add travel divisions and hope to show you that you can keep playing with your friends and have fun. We are a travel BCA league, so we can help you establish a league without traveling to Loose Rack to play.

We've grown from 30 members to 100+ in one year, and enjoy watching everyone grow and learn as players.

Visit our page for more information.

Our friend, Carl Shulte Jr., runs a local travel division sanctioned by VNEA and we travel among other locations: Ice Breakers and the West Side Pub.

The division begins in September every year.

If we are in session, stop into our poolroom to watch a few matches and contact us if you're interested in putting a team together. 

Check out more information here.

We are a pickup/ dropoff location  for the Eastern APA league's team envelopes. If you play at another location, you may opt to change your envelope destination to Loose Rack Billiards.

APA Leagues offer 8-ball and 9-ball formats. 

Here you can find out information about the APA Pool Leagues and how you can have fun and compete in the world's largest pool league.